Mark Ingram: I can still play at a high, high level


The Ravens waived running back Mark Ingram after they were eliminated from the playoffs last month in a move that became inevitable once Ingram fell out of the team’s offensive plans over the final weeks of the season.

In an interview with Chris Simms on Tuesday, Ingram said it was “difficult” to go from playing a prominent role to being on the inactive list but that he tried to be a supportive teammate through the end of the team’s run. Now that he’s a free agent, Ingram said he’s “excited about the opportunities I have” and confident about his ability to perform well in the future.

“Obviously my role wasn’t what I wanted,” Ingram said. “Good thing about it is I’m healthy, I’m fresh. I know I can still play this game at a high, high level for a long time.”

Ingram turned 31 in December and teams can be skittish about bringing in backs around that age. Ingram cautioned them to watch his tape rather than “my birthday,” but there wasn’t much of it after the midpoint of the 2020 season.